Vol 23, No 4 (2015)

Brazilian Journal of Ornithology 23(4)

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The Purplish Jay rides wild ungulates to pick food PDF
Ivan Sazima 365-367
Distribution and natural history of the mangrove-dwelling Gray-necked Wood-Rail, Aramides cajaneus avicenniae Stotz, 1992, in southeastern Brazil PDF
Fabio Olmos, Robson Silva e Silva 368-376
Molina’s Hog-nosed Skunk as prey of the Great Horned Owl: predation or opportunist scavenging? PDF
Felipe Zilio, Juan Anza 377-379
Dangerous traps: Anhingas mistake anthropogenic debris for prey fish at an urban site in South-eastern Brazil PDF
Ivan Sazima, Giulia B. D’Angelo 380-384
The return of the Scarlet Ibis: first breeding event in southern Brazil after local extinction PDF
Daniela Fink, Marta Jussara Cremer 385-391
Save your tears: eye secretions of a Ringed Kingfisher fed upon by an erebid moth PDF
Ivan Sazima 392-394
Predation on Amphisbaena heterozonata by the Whistling Heron Syrigma sibilatrix at Tucumán, Argentina PDF
Floyd Edward Hayes, Patricia Patricia Capllonch, Ricardo Montero 395-397


Diet and breeding of the poorly known White-chinned Swift Cypseloides cryptus Zimmer, 1945, in Brazil PDF
Guilherme Renzo Rocha Brito, Daniel Monteiro Figueira, Nelson Buainain Neto, Daniel Honorato Firme, Renata Biancalana, Claydson Pinto de Assis, Gabriela Guimarães Araújo, Marco Aurélio Crozariol, Gabriella Frickes, Ricardo Parrini, Piero Ruschi, Marcos André Raposo 398-404
Detailed description and seasonal variation in the diet of the Silvery-Cheeked Antshrike Sakesphorus cristatus (Wied, 1831) (Aves: Thamnophilidae) in a Brazilian semi-arid forest PDF
Nelson Buainain Neto, Michele Leocádio Gaspar, Claydson Pinto de Assis 405-416
Population estimate of Mergus octosetaceus in the Jalapão region, Tocantins, Brazil PDF
Marcelo O. Barbosa, Renato Torres Pinheiro, Karlla Vanessa Barbosa 417-427
An intratropical migratory passerine can quickly improve its physiological condition during post migration, reproduction and departure phases on the breeding site in the Cerrado PDF
Zelia da Paz Pereira, Miguel Ângelo Marini 428-436

Systematics, Taxonomy, and Distribution

New record of Tyrannus dominicensis for Brazil PDF
Pedro Meloni Nassar, Alyson Vieira Melo 437-438

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